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Image Resolution

Digital image resolution is the size of the image, made up of picture elements(pixels), A higher resolution of the image which means more pixels in the image will resulted a clear and better quality finishing you can get. On the other hand, a low resolution image will looks fuzzy and indistinct while you blow up the image more bigger than the original.

To get the best quality of image, it is recommended that you set your camera to the Super High Resolution setting, and in some case you have a low resolution image but want to blow up the larger size, it is advisable to get a watercolor effect finishing of the canvas due to thefact that the image will be pixilated.

The following chart will give you some idea about what canvas sizes are possible with different camera resolutions.

Once we receive your image and your requested size, we will check the image size and give you advise you if your image file cannot support your requested size. We will recommend the maximum canvas sizes that will work well with your image.

Camera's Pixel Depth Dimension Recommended Canvas size
3 MegaPixel 1536 x 2048 20 x 30 cm (51 x 76cm)
4 Megapixel 1680 x 2240 24 x 36 cm (61 x 91cm)
5 Megapixel 1920 x 2560 30 x 40 cm (76 x 101cm)
6 Megapixel 2112 x 2816 40 x 60 cm (101 x 152cm)
7 Megapixel 2304 x 3072 48 x 72 cm (122 x 180cm)
8 Megapixel

2448 x 3264

48 x 72 cm (122 x 180cm)